Since we opened our gym a lot of people have ask me what “BW” stands for.  The short answer is that BW is both mine and my brothers initials.  My name is Barrett William Lambert and my brothers is Bryant Wayne Lambert.  The reason behind me choosing our initials for the name of my business goes much deeper than that.

When we were kids, our father was a printer.  He owned his own printing company and the name of his printing company was BW Graphics, named after my brother and I.  He was a great man and even though I only knew him for a short period of time I remember his relentless work ethic and his endless love.  We lost our father to cancer when he was 40.  I was 10 and my brother 7.  It was a terrible loss for our family, but our mother, the strongest woman I have ever known, got us through those times.

So in honor of my father and the rest of my family I named my business after his business.  Everyday I pull up to work and see our logo on the door I am reminded of him, his love and his work ethic.  It is my motivation to provide my clients with the greatest service they have ever had and to be the best at what I do.