“Amazing training!  If you have a chance to work with Barrett, you will see results.  Patient, persistent, customized.  He is tough- and definitely helped me get much stronger and more fit.”
– Jo F.

“Barrett is the best trainer ever.  Take the leap to great weight loss and muscle gain with Barrett in the comfort of his very own personal gym.  I’m proud to know Barrett.  He will work you hard and in a safe way.  Don’t want for he New Year!!! Now is the time!

– Dawnette L.

“We worked out with Barrett for almost a year until we were relocated.  Hands down the most fun I have ever had working out.  He is focused on the objective all while mixing up the workouts so you will never be bored and will ge great results.  I wouldn’t hesitate to workout with him again.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
– Steve S. 

“If you haven’t trained with Barrett yet, you are seriously doing yourself an injustice! Barrett is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness & health, and takes great pride in providing his clients’ the tools they need for success.  I had the privilege of training with Barrett who helped me succeed in my weightlifting and nutrition goals.  He also provided me the necessary tools to help me when I was recovering from some painful shin splints.  Barrett and Natalie are the best of the best, go see them now!”
– Tori W.

“I have been working with Barrett for a little over 6 months and the results are fantastic.  I have dropped body fat and have drastically increased my muscle mass.  Barrett knows how to push me to MY limits.  I swear to take him off my Christmas list after ever season.  I have watched him with several clients in a single session and it is amazing how he can customize a different workout for each person while monitoring all at the same time.  If you are serious about getting a complete workout program for whatever reason motivates you, go to Barrett.”
– Terry L.

“My husband and I trained with Barrett for six months in small group sessions.  We’ve both had several trainers of the years.  Barrett is absolutely one of the best.  We were so impressed with how well her personalized a small group workout.  Making sure everyone in the group is working within their boundaries but to their full potential.  He has eyes in the back AND sides of his head!  He’s both fun and knowledgeable.  If you’re considering training with him I’d tell you it’s well worth it.”
– Kelly K.

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