Strength Training and the Benefits You Can’t See.


Everyone knows that strength training or resistance training can help you build muscle and look leaner and more toned.  What many people don’t realize is that there are many internal benefits that come with resistance training.  From a stronger heart to a faster metabolism, strength training should be a priority in everyone’s workout routine.


Heart Healthy:

Resistance training is essential to maintaining a healthy heart. Not only does it help prevent heart disease, it even helps individuals with existing heart disease improve their condition. A regular resistance training program can improve the structure and function of your heart, along with the structure and function of the hearts blood vessels.  A strong heart results in lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and an overall better quality of life.


Bone Density and Skeletal Muscle Function:

There are many great things that happen in this category with resistance training.  Bone density is a very important factor especially when it comes to older adults.  Osteoporosis affects millions of Americans every year.  Nearly 1.5 million fractures a year are a result of osteoporosis in people over 50.  Resistance training keeps your bones strong and helps prevent this disease.  The stress of resistance training allows your bones to rebuild in a similar fashion as your muscles.


Improving skeletal muscle function is another important factor of resistance training.  As you progress through a resistance training program your muscles will become more noticeable and your strength and range of motion will improve.  As you build lean muscle three key things will start to happen:  Your resting metabolic rate will increase, meaning you will now burn more daily calories, your immune system will function more effectively, meaning you will be healthier and daily living activities will become easier. And…


…You Will Feel Great:

I have never had a client start a resistance training program with me and not express how great they felt 2-3 months into the program.  Lifting weights just makes you feel good.  As you progress through a proper strength training program you feel and see yourself getting stronger and that is a great thing to experience.  Strength training will boost your confidence and make you feel accomplished.  I have this little slogan I live by, Being Strong is Cool.  There really is something cool about being strong.  If you can find a great trainer in a gym with a great atmosphere, a training program will only improve your live for the better.


Starting a training program can be scary and intimidating, but don’t let that stop you.  If you find the right trainer and the right gym, you will not regret it.  Think of it as a long term investment. Invest in yourself and your quality of life.  A healthy person is a much happier person.